Ceracote Technology – A Ground-breaker in Hydraulic Cylinder Industry

As part of our R&D efforts, we have collaborated with research agencies to develop Ceracote, a ceramic coated hydraulic cylinder built to withstand extremely high levels of corrosion.

Using advanced surface coating technology to coat ceramic on the piston rod, we are able to produce cylinders with extremely high resistance to corrosion attacks and wear by abrasion. Such cylinders are especially useful in marine and offshore applications.

Our tests have shown that our ceramic-coated piston rods on our cylinders are able to achieve a corrosion resistance of a minimum of 1000 hours and up to 2000 hours, about 20 times more resistant than traditional coatings like hard chrome.

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_ORY7914-PanoCeramic coating process with state-of-the-art plasma ceramic coating facility




_ORY7625Ceracote Cylinder (Piston Rod is coated with Ceramic material)