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About Us

About Us

Company History

Founded in 1996, O.E. Manufacturing is one of the most established hydraulic systems solution providers in the region.

For more than 25 years, our customer-centric focus and commitment to quality has garnered strong recognition in the hydraulics industry.

Now, with the advent of technology, innovation is absolutely essential, hence, significant investment has been made in R&D initiatives in O.E. Manufacturing, with a successful breakthrough in developing smart cylinders by incorporating high pressure proximity sensors into hydraulic cylinders and in developing ceramic coated cylinders after a series of tests and research as testament to its R&D capabilities. Furthermore, with Internet Of Things (IOT) gaining more traction, to stay ahead of the game and remain relevant, new technologies like incorporating PLC/HMI programming into HPUs are constantly being developed in our company.

What We Do

We pride ourselves as being the leading one-stop solution to all your hydraulic system needs, putting customers as our top priority, ensuring fast response and high quality products and services.

We design, manufacture and supply:

-Hydraulic Cylinders (Welded Series, Tie Rod, Telescopic, Ceramic-Coated, Special Designs)

-Hydraulic Power Units (DC or AC Motor Phase 1 or 3, Valves, Oil Tank and Hydraulic Gear Pump)

We also provide the following services:

-Cylinder/HPU Replacement, Servicing and Maintenance

-Custom Product Development

-Hydraulic Cylinder Contract Manufacturing

-Mechanical and Electrical Integrated Solutions

Our Mission

O.E. is committed to creating a sustainable and forward-looking business by being customer focused and embracing new technologies. Through this, we strive to add greater value to our customers and maintain leadership in the marketplace.

Our Vision

O.E shall extend its global footprint by expanding our business network globally. We will continue to invest in R&D to bring about better quality and high-tech products and services for our customers.

Our Reach

Our geographical reach extends all boundaries. In addition to a manufacturing plant in Wuxi, China, we have sales offices in Thailand and USA, as well as distributors and clients in different regions like Western Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Middle-East and South-East Asia, amongst other regions.

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