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Our engineers use top-end 3D CAD software with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) function to design our cylinders and simulate the actual load condition of a component to reduce the risk of failure from concept to design.

Translating customers’ requirements through team collaboration.

Skilled design engineers use 3D CAD software with FEA

Manufacturing facilities

The production process elaborately includes CNC machines. The combination of the best machines and a well-trained workforce ensures the manufacturing of the best products. It enforces consistent and high quality standards on each and every cylinder from our factory to our clients.

Furthermore, all our welding processes are qualified and approved by DNV, the external third party.

Workers are trained to operate state-of-the-art machinery. Some examples of such machinery:

Cyl ready assembled

Cyl assy ops

Manual lathe ops

CNC machining centre

Honing Machine




Ceramic ops



Tube cleaning machine

Tube cleaning machine

mill cyl


At O.E. Manufacturing, we take pride in our Manufacturing Process. At every step of our process, we emphasize on critical inspection and total traceability.
Our raw materials are sourced from reputable and approved vendors who are subjected to stringent vendor approval processes.
Every cylinder then goes through a series of quality assurance tests and checks to ensure dimensional conformance and high operational performance exceeding quality expectations.
We use Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) to inspect complicated cylinder parts for dimensional conformance.
Every finished cylinder undergoes a leak-free pressure test and finally gets stamped with a unique serial number as our promise of assurance to our clients for total traceability.

Tube ID check

Coat Thickness Measurement

Tube RA check

QA Lab

inventory stock

R&D lab

CMM in operation

Pressure test

Serial No punching

OE manufacturing has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders since 1996

We are the biggest cylinder manufacturer in Singapore. Using advanced 3D CAD software, we can develop from initial design to finished product efficiently.

Using advanced CNC precision machines, we can achieve high accuracy with consistent results. 

Over the years, we have developed many standard parts in our manufacturing program. They are all field-tested for great performance. Now the parts are mass-produced and formed part of the cylinder standard parts inventory.  Most of these parts are incorporated into our cylinders, hence, our customers can enjoy the mass production pricing for low quantity requirements. 

All our produced cylinders are stamped with a unique serial no. Our inventory is managed with a high traceability system. The finished product serial no is part of the traceability chain.

We ensure that all our manufactured products go through a pressure leak test on our test bench. The test bench is equipped with Industry 4.0 devices, like pressure transducer, oil cleanliness particle counter, and flow sensor. The records are digitally recorded and stored.

Our cylinders are fully manufactured and Ready Assembled Singapore. Offering customer short manufacturing lead time.

The production flow is executed according to ISO 9001 system

We have a CNC honing machine capable of producing super-finish cylinder tubes for our cylinder. The machine is controlled by a PLC and it has a self-diagnosed function to produce quality outputs.

Our cylinders are produced by the Ready Assembled Honing Machine Manufacturers, ready to get into actions.

Our in-house ceramic coating process, the only cylinder maker with this process in Singapore, will be able to bring high-specification cylinders to the marketplace.

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