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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder - Standard Product Model OE21D Welded Design

This series of cylinder is manufactured with a highly polished honed or roller-burnished E355 tube. The surface fishing is maintained at a super finish grade of Ra0.2 micron. They are precision cold drawn to achieve high surface integrity to enhance seal life. Stress relief heat treatment is carried out to ensure dimensional stability when the tube is subject to further machining operation. 

One of the cylinder ends is welded with a steel cap and the other end is with precision matching screw thread. Our welding process and welders are third-party approved. 

The piston rod is made of alloy steel grade of 20MNV6 that offer excellent weldability. Precision ground and hard chrome plated with suitable surface profile integrity for long seal life and protection against corrosion.  

The seals installed in the cylinder are carefully selected by years of experience. The material is a combination of Polyurethane and natural rubber.

We have developed 7 standard mounting designs that suit most of our customer applications. Customers can adopt the standard dimension when designing their equipment. It is a useful aid for machine designers.

All manufactured cylinders are stamped with a unique serial no for traceability, they formed part of our ISO 9001 system. They undergo a 100% pressure leak test by our I4.0 test rig.

Hydraulic Cylinder – Tie-rod design. Model OT21TD

All specification is as above. The cylinder is held and sealed together by a tie-rod. This tie rod is made of high-tensile steel with a minimum yield of 700 kg/mm2 and the thread is cold rolled to ensure toughness.

Cylinder with ceramic-coated piston rod. Our model: CERACOTE

All specifications as in OE21D or OE21TD. The piston rod surface is plasma coated with our proprietary coating process. The corrosion strength is at least 20 times more than the standard product. It will be able to withstand highly corrosive environments.

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