Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

A complete Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) supplied by O.E. Manufacturing consists of:

-DC/AC (1-Phase or 3-Phase) Motor
-Single Solenoid/Manual Valve
-Manifold, Coupling and Suction Unit
-Gear Pump
-Steel Oil Tank (Cylindrical/Square)

Our HPU’s outstanding features include:

-Simplicity in design – AC/DC motor interchangeability
-Compact, design-saving space
-Fit standard CETOP 03 Valve
-Silent operation centre in lightweight aluminium
-Manifold with built-in check valve, relief valve and flow control valve
-Manual valve control with synchro motor starter switch.

For more technical data and information on our HPUs, please contact us at info@oemspore.com and

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Customised Design and Fabrication

We have a team of experienced hydraulic system designers that can design the hydraulic power unit (HPU) to your specification. Our stock of various hydraulic components enables us to fabricate the HPU in a short delivery lead time. Our 3D CAD software can design manifold blocks to create a neat and compact circuit, eliminating messy pipping. The HPU fabrication is carried out in-house to maintain proper quality control.

Before fabrication, a 3D model drawing on the HPU’s overall size and layout will be presented for product visualization. It will provide a useful aid for customers’ space planning.

The customer that requires onsite installation can be taken with the collaboration with our site pipping partners.

Electric control panel with HMI and PLC can be incorporated into the control circuit.

Industry 4.0 and IOT system design concepts can be utilized to enhance process monitoring and efficiency.

Below are the HPU component in our stock

Hydraulic fixed displacement gear pump: Size from 0.1 cc/r to 60 cc/r

Variable piston pump: Size 18cc/r to 125cc/r

Solenoid directional valve: NG6 (G3/8) to NG22 (G1-1/4)

Manual control directional valve: G3/8 to G1

Relief valve: G1/4 to G1-1/2

Counterbalance valve: Single and double (G3/8 to G1)

Flow control valve: G3/8 to G1

Prefabricated oil tank with oil level alarm in stock: 40L – 300L

Compact mini HPU. AC Motor (1 or 3 phase) or DC Power Motor

This unit is fabricated with a center manifold block that connects the electric motor and hydraulic pump. All inter-connection circuit pipings are eliminated and they are replaced by the complicated oil channels within the manifold block. Prefabricated oil tank in round or square shape secured directly to the center manifold. Cartridge valves are incorporated into the manifold, making the HPU extremely compact.

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